How to manually specify what percentage goes to each sites?

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On the old Brave Muon, you can specify what percentage to contribute to each sites. How to do this on new Brave?


Hi @onmyoji,
This feature is removed in the new Brave Rewards and replaced by “tipping” feature that is simpler than previous “pinning”.

You can do recurring tipping that “similar” to previous pinning, IMHO.


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Adding on to what @eljuno mentiones - allocation on all sites listed on the auto-contribute table is based strictly on your attention. If you find yourself visiting one of the sites more than others you’ll likely see it get bumped up the list over time.

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But I visit sites which are not verified as publisher on brave. I want send tip to verified site only So I need to specify.

If that’s the case, you can send both one time tips and monthly recurring tips to the sites of your choosing. If you’re on a site you don’t wish to contribute to, open your Rewards panel and toggle the Include in Auto-Contribute setting off:

If you notice that the (undesired) site appears in your auto-contribute table, open you Rewards Settings and click the ‘X’ next to the site you wish to be removed.

To set up a monthly recurring tip for a specific site, visit the website and open your Rewards panel. Select Send a tip. The Tipping banner will appear. In the banner, check the Make this monthly box (note that this box is disabled by default)

You’ll see at the bottom the text changes to Set Monthly Tip. Now, the site will receive the donation amount you set each month in the form of a tip. Note that your balance will not reflect the donation amount until the monthly contribution period is up.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you for your answer. But the problem is the “X” not working with me I cant exclude sites

We’re working on a fix for that right now:

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