The lower part is too cluttered because of multiple toolbars in mobile browser

After a recent update, the mobile browser now has a lower toolbar with options like home, bookmark etc.

This creates an additional layer that often conflicts with the built-in toolbars of various web apps like Twitter and YouTube.

It also clutters the screen, especially when multiple tabs are opened.

Please add the option to change its location or remove it altogether.

The top row you highlighted in your picture is from Twitter. Nothing Brave can do about that.

The bottom row is Brave’s regular toolbar. You can hide it by going to Settings → Appearance and turning off Enable bottom toolbar.

The middle row is easy to get rid of. Go into Settings → Appearance and turn off Enable Tab Group auto creation. That will get rid of that row.

Hello @boson96 thank you for reaching us out. That toolbar appears because of you have group of tabs, if you drag a tab upon another one this toolbar at the bottom will show up however you can disable by going to:

Settings → Appearance and turn off Enable Tab Group auto creation so will see the normal view of tabs, now regarding the top bar would be better to check on twitter if you have allowed a setting or option to enable that and disable it from there.

Hope it helps. Regards.

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