The Facebook login requirement appears all the times

The Facebook login requirement appears all the times when I open a new tab.
It’s very annoying. Please help me. Thanks so much.

Which extensions do you have installed? @Nhut

only a music identifier

That login seems to be fake or something is inserting it. there is no facebook-login overlay for youtube.

not only youtube but also all websites

This is really weird, this isnt a normal behaviour but this exactly happened in this topic:

I can just recommend scanning the device with any antivirus installed (even if is Windows defender)

Can you deactivate it?

I have a quick fix for you.
Right click on the facebook-login and chose " inspect".
Then scroll down and find “/iframe>”, Right click and delete it.

You should use Malwarebytes to scan your device:

or a online scanner like ESET online scan:

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