Youtube login doesnt work when shield are up

hi, their team brave just wanted to tell u guys that for the past 2 months’s my brave browser doesn’t login to youtube whenever my shields are up.
it shows me the login button every time the shields are up and when I click on it the page loads to be oops sorry and when shields are down the page loads normally



  • Have you tried after clearing cookies and cache?
  • Can you successfully sign in while using a private window?
  • Does the error occur the moment you click on Sign in, or after you enter your logging information and try to log?
  • Take a screenshot of your Brave Shields after clicking on the Brave Shields icon in the address bar.
  • yes i have cleared the cookies and cache

  • no i cannot signin while using private window

  • yes it occurs when i click on Sign in. i am not able to enter the info because the oops page comes up

Take the same screenshot but when you are in YouTube since your issue is with YouTube.

when the shield are up or down

When Brave Shields is enabled.

I believe we found the issue.

Change Cookies blocked to Cross-site cookies blocked.

wooww mannn i was just stuck i coudnt find it and u helped so easyly thanks

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You’re welcome, enjoy your browsing :wink:

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