The brave creator bill does not reflect the tokens sent to me as a tip

Hello good morning brave team sopport, i have a question there is a problem right now with brave creator not reflected the tips given to the videos of content creators have told me they have sent me some tips from brave creator and have not been reflected in my creator account as if it was reflected last month I find it strange I go on the counter 0.00BAT I think there is a problem for the display or there is someone who is also going through this problem as creators, if you can help me would be very grateful.

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1755.10 BAT with no referrals? Ballin! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If that was last month by referrals and the biggest thing was in tips they gave me as a youtube and twitter content creator friend :wink: but this time it doesn’t reflect anything and that’s the problem I detail.

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Same issue for me as well. The balance shows as 0.00

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same here… tip was given, i have not received



I also have an active thread on here with the same problem …

Hi all - thanks for writing in. Please DM me the emails connected to each of your accounts and I can dig in and see what might be happening. Thank you!

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Hi. I also have the same problem. I have a verified creator account but am not receiving direct tips.

Not receiving tips either.

It’s kind of a general problem because a lot of people are going through @steeven

I have DM’ed you my mail address…

Hey Steeven,

I have dm’ed you also the issue, Hope you’ll look into it.

If you haven’t already, please DM me the email address linked to your account. Thanks!

I sent you my email yesterday by DM

Email attached to Publisher account ?

already send pm couple of days ago… no response so far…

hope my tip is not lost