The Brave browser crashes in version 1.61.120

This means that when I enter the Brave browser application, it suddenly closes and does not run properly. I do not know what the problem might be or what could be causing it. I kindly request the experts or developers of Brave to investigate and resolve this issue. I would appreciate it.

I have a Samsung Galaxy A10 phone model, and its Android version is 11.

I will be waiting for your response, and I am eager for this issue to be resolved because in my opinion, the Brave browser is powerful.

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@Cyber_space does it immediately close upon you opening Brave or are you able to navigate within the browser for a while before it crashes? I guess more importantly, are you able to go to brave://crashes and copy/paste any Uploaded Crash Report ID that you have there?

If you go to brave://crashes and you see Send Now button, you’ll need to click on those buttons and then exit Brave. It will then upload in the background and when you open Brave again, it should now show Uploaded Crash Report ID.


  • Can you try to clear cache?

  • Have you restarted your device?

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Fortunately, with the small investigations I conducted and following the guidance you provided, my problem has been resolved. I am grateful for this and even for your response.

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