The balance has disappeared and I have not received so many ads since a few weeks ago

I need a browser support. the title of the topic say everything
can anyone check out?

@ricardodn You’ll need to DM @steeven or @Mattches with your Wallet Info from brave://rewards-internals so they can try to take a look into it and help you. Make sure to send it to them via DM and not here on the forum. Hopefully you can get it sent out ASAP and they catch it tomorrow. I say that because tomorrow is Friday and then they usually aren’t on the forum much over the weekend. So if don’t hear from them tomorrow, likely won’t get update until sometime next week.

thanks a lot!!!
I will do as you recomend

@steeven or @mattches
I ask for your assistant to this topic cause I need to send a private information of my wallet to solve

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