The April award has not been paid!

The April award has not been paid! It’s still pending. And the rewards of other android phones did not lie.


May payouts have just started processing.

Please follow this thread for further updates regarding May payments - Ads Payout Status Update.

Thank you for your patience!

I said for the month of April.

You will never get them. He actively ignored anyone who tries speaking about it. I’m also missing the April payout, made 5 thread at this point and every one ignored.

Earnings from April “are” in the May payout. BAT collected in May will be paid in Jun! It’s so hard to understand?

April is transferred to May, May to June. Then why was April transferred to June? In the picture, it says, “Keep an eye on your wallet on the way, your April award”. Previously, it was counting down 5-6 days.

i also didn’t get my april rewards on my android and pc as wwell plezz help @steeven

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They are still processing April’s payment…wait for few days…I have not received April month’s reward till now .

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Isn’t there a senior official who can explain this situation?

It’s not transferred to June, it has to be paid in these days (May), the countdown means the beginning of the payment process, of course it can take few days.

Rewards are still processing.

There is not so much to explain.
Usually they start processing on the 7th or 8th of each month. Once they are processed, either you get them in your verified custodial wallet, or you get a Claim button. Processing all rewards may take few days.
This month may be a bit slower due to the issues detected in the previous months. Let’s just wait. No worries, no stress.

Steven has posted the link to the status page above. Follow that page for more information.

okay we are waiting.

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