The 0.57.18 update -- I hate it :(

I was just coerced into upgrading to 0.57.18, and now I wish I hadn’t. First off, all my icons on the front page disappeared. Next I tried opening Tor, and immediately my company’s snoop software spotted the attempt and reported it (that never happened with the old version). Now I find that ads are going to be reintroduced. The whole thing sucks, might as well go back to firefox. :’(


There are many reasons the new builds are a massive improvement over the previous version. Not sure what you mean by ads being “reintroduced”. If you’re referring to the Brave Ads platform then
1 - Its not out yet
2 - It’s opt-in, you won’t be forced or required to participate.

Many Tor issues are being worked on atm, the one you’re encountering will likely be resolved in future updates.

And last but perhaps most importantly - Brave Muon (old) is still on your machine. Right where you left it. As is any associated browsing data. If you’re that adverse to using the new build - then don’t! Wouldn’t advise it though! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Adding a couple helpful links:

The original draw I had to Brave was that it was a browser that had all of the thing a browser should have have out of the box. The preferences were clear and easy to use. I could walk someone like my mother through configuring a browser with all of the normal things I’d add with ease.

Now I see no reason to favor it over Chrome.

Thanks for your reply, Mattches. You’re right, now I see it’s an opt-in thing. Little annoyances though…I guess I’m getting old, I want my Home button! And the alt menu is gone. sigh

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I agree with you there. Right away new Brave wants to be my default browser, but (due to running Oracle for work), IE must be default. The old version had a “Stop asking me!” switch, which I can’t find now.

What alt menu are you referring to?
Also, Open the main menu then Setttings scroll down and adjust:

That should do the trick for your home button.

What’s not available out of the box that was in the previous build?

  • All Brave’s Shields defaults are set the same way (by default, obviously)
  • Shields panel has been revamped to be straight forward enough for anyone to use, but also have enough depth for those who wish to do more complicated configurations.
  • Your privacy/content settings are located exactly where they should be: in Privacy and Security.
  • New build allows use of nearly any extension compatible with Chromium browsers
  • Your privacy/data integrity remains unchanged
  • Dark theme built in out of the box (you can also use an extension to change your theme however you’d like)

It’s also 22x faster.

Yes, I have to say that I hate this version enough to stop using it. REally, wtf! No control over the bookmarks bar like icons only. You just lost me. done. stupid.

Seems like a pretty minor feature to leave over. Especially since it’ll likely get fixed.
Also, the old Brave build is still on your machine where you left it if you want to use that.

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To be honest, that seems like a pretty arrogant attitude to have for someone who is supposed to be in “Support”. No customer’s issue is small or petty or minor. Every issue is a HUGE one, because it was enough to bring them here to complain!

The. Customer. Is. ALWAYS. Right.

Always remember that.

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@Wearyman, I never claimed that he’s wrong or not entitled to his opinion. He most certainly is, as are you, as am I.

If he (or she) wants to leave over that then they’re more than welcome to. But it is worth mentioning that the issue will be addressed in the future, and if that’s the only reason he’s leaving, I should say that. Right?

He also commented on this thread just to say that - he wasn’t asking for help, or support, or even making a point. Just wanted to be disrespectful.

If you or anyone else would like support or troubleshoot an issue with me or another team member, please follow the Community guidelines.

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s been a thing on pretty much every web browser since forever. You leave the menu off, to give you more screen real estate. But if you hit Alt by itself, the menu comes back.

Thanks for pointing me to the Home button switch, by the way!

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You’re very welcome!

Sorry for the confusion, I know what you mean by “alt-menu” now.

That top menu was removed in a chromium update a while back. You’ll notice the same thing if you open up Google Chrome. That said, all the options present in that menu should be available in the main menu on the top right.

I also just had 0.57.18 added to my machine, and I too hate it. The settings page is much more difficult to navigate than the old about:preferences and the whole browser feels like chrome, with all its unnecessary rounded corners, goofy UI elements, and the way it edits the contents of the address bar as I type. Is there any way to have Core not, you know, look and feel like a toy?

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Upgrade is great. It removed my applications, bookmarks, history. Is theseemless upgrade is just wipe everything out… not happy at all

@AdamR can you try (in the new version of Brave) using the Settings menu and searching for Import. Using the importer, you can pick Brave (old) from the dropdown and import all of your bookmarks, windows/tabs, payment information, and some settings

Please let us know if that works

Full instructions here:

Yes, i did this a couple of times, and it doesn’t import anything. It will import from Chrome

I respectfully disagree - the customer isn’t always right. If the customer has a problem, sure, it’s worth investigating, and it’s the provider’s problem too. But they aren’t always right.

(Also, are we Brave’s customers? Isn’t Brave a nonprofit?)

As a user of Brave who had my own initial adapting period I’ve come to appreciate just how well thought out it really is. Brave is in many many ways better than Chrome (IMO - data ownership and cool features like tab loading for one). Also, I don’t think @Mattches was being arrogant at all. Remember rule 3, " Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not people."


I too have lost all my settings, bookmarks and the import Brave (old ) does not bring them back. How do I go back to the old version? System Restore?

Right, I might be fixed. Problem 1 was that the old Brave icon pinned to my taskbar, now in grey, did not open the old version when clicked so I presumed it was dead link to a wiped old version.

I have found the old version in the directories and run it manually there. Then I exported my old bookmarks and imported the html file to the new Brave.

Then I did import settings from Brave (old) and unticked the bookmarks check mark. Now i have my logins and passwords again by the looks of it. Hopefully nothing is now missing.