Thanks to mr. steeven

i wanted to thank boss @steeven, to fix my creator error …finally it will done smoothie and now waiting for next payments…

thank you brave staff


I’m facing a problem with my creator account. I didn’t received payout of July month. I’ve written many times but didn’t get a required response yet. If you too were facing the same issue before please share the solution with me with DM. Thank you

Who or how? Usually the best way to be guaranteed that they will respond to you is to submit a support ticket. Obviously as a creator you won’t have a Wallet Payment ID so I’d either just put your email associated with your Creator account there or write n/a for “not applicable.” I believe people said they had no issues doing it that way.

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@steeven Is a HUGE asset to Brave!!! He IS THEE Goods 100%!!!

Much love!!! :v:


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