Issue with no payout for my Brave Creator account for 5 months

Good morning Brave Support
I have not received my creator payout for more than 5 months.
I sent DM with all my account information to Steeven, but I still not receive a response.

@steeven , Can you help to look into my problem?

Thank you
Looking forward to your response.


Hi all, I was asking about the problem of my brave creator payout.
It does not relate to my privacy settings or my email schedule.

@steeven , Can you help to check the problem of my creator payout?

Thank you all.

I am also facing the same issue

Hi @steeven Can you help to check my Brave Creator issue?

I can DM all relating information to you again in case you don’t see it on your side.

Thanks for your patience @willow109. Please see my reply in the DM.

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