Issue with no payout for my Brave Creator account for 5 months

Good morning Brave Support
I have not received my creator payout for more than 5 months.
I sent DM with all my account information to Steeven, but I still not receive a response.

@steeven , Can you help to look into my problem?

Thank you
Looking forward to your response.


Hello chik Check your updating account, your privacy policy and checking if your mails are not scheduled :wink:

Hi all, I was asking about the problem of my brave creator payout.
It does not relate to my privacy settings or my email schedule.

@steeven , Can you help to check the problem of my creator payout?

Thank you all.

I am also facing the same issue

Hi @steeven Can you help to check my Brave Creator issue?

I can DM all relating information to you again in case you don’t see it on your side.

Thanks for your patience @willow109. Please see my reply in the DM.