Brave Rewards Creators Help

My creator account has said pending payment for several months in a row. What can I do to fix this?. I have activated the 2FA correctly.

I wait answer

@Saoiray and @steeven.

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You mean Mattches and Steeven. I’m not an employee with Brave, so can’t really help. lol.

You’ll need to get in touch with @steeven. Since it’s a Creator account, they will want you to DM them with info here and the email associated with your Creator account. For privacy, they won’t want you to share here but will ask you to be sure to send them a DM (direct message)

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Hello, help @steeven

@jorge10 Did you send him a DM? If not, please do that. Messages on this forum are used to serve as tickets that they work on in the order they are received. Topics and posts here on the forum don’t serve as tickets and generally will only get you basic level of support or will have them respond telling you to Message them, as I did before.

If you did message them, it helps if you can mention that when you tag and all, so they know it’s a follow-up and they are more likely to check their mail for any messages from you. But if you didn’t message them, please do it right now.

Also keep in mind it is currently Friday and they don’t actively work over the weekend. This means that they likely won’t respond until after Monday if you don’t end up hearing back from them today.

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Hello, help plis @steeven

@jorge10 please Dm me the email linked to your account. Thanks.