Not a bug, just a compliment


The New Brave really knocks it outta the park. Speed, precision, shields, tor, and the futures you’ve announced, wow.

I’ve been using Brave for about two years. The New Brave is so good that I enthusiastically recommend it now to everyone. Previously, I had to couch that in some reservations about stability and the feature set.

So please buy coders, architects, program managers, QA team, product managers, and UI team a cuppa joe on me.



I’m in roughly the same boat. I totally agree.

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I’ve been a recording artist for 15 years (i.e. Literally since a teenager) which includes on the professional and independent level and I’ve never known a company who like Brave really embodies the term supporting independence. We hear recording companies and mainstream music and content publishers make bold and convincing statements about helping todays’ artist succeed. The problem with this is the lack of action but Braves on the other hand has proven their actions speak louder than words.

*Guaranteed payment every month.
*Secure Uphold account.
*Great customer service.
*Preferential “Artist Image” customization, banners and industry standard tools.
(We are in 100% control of how we brand, market and present ourselves to the public and our fan base. Any artist knows this is the most important feature as it can literally make or break your career).

*High Uphold fees

Brave has become a must have for todays’ artist and musician. The only con is the exchange and send fees charged by Uphold which has little to nothing to do with Brave which makes Brave a winner.

Thank you Brave,
May God bless.

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