Tel link opens about:blank page, not phone app anymore

Since the last update (Brave 1.2.0 Chromium 76.0.3809.111 for Android), the HTML tel links doesn’t work properly.
<a href="tel:0227349463">Call 022-7349463</a>

Before this kind of tel links start a phone call opening the default phone app on my GALAXY S9+ (SM-G965F, Android 9, Not Rooted)
Now it open a new tab about:blank.

Please fix this bug. Thanks in advance and regards.

Just tested this on my own Samsung S9+ – phone numbers seem to launch System phone app as intended. Can you share a link to a page (or search) that contains a tel. link so that I can test exactly what you’re seeing on your end?

My problem appears (since a recent Brave update) if my HTML page include the tag
<base target="_blank">
inside the HEAD tag.

2 Test pages: (no BASE tag) (with BASE tag)

To solve my problem, I:

  • removed the BASE tag.
  • added a Javascript loop setting all HTTP links with attribute:

Thanks in advance and regards.

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