Tapping on Brave ad does nothing

Just in last 1-2 releases, when I tap on a Brave ad in the notification area, nothing happens and the notification goes away.

Also it used to be that when I was looking at a private tab and tapped a Brave ad notification, the ad would open in a non-private tab. Now nothing happens at all.

Brave 1.9.80. Samsung S2 tablet. Android 7.


@Marti u dont need to open the ads for receiving rewards

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@Ramees1996 that’s absolutely true, but maybe @Marti is interested in visiting the site that’s being promoted through Brave Ads.

I can’t reproduce this error, it works on my mobile no matter if notification pops up in regular or Incognito tab ;-(
(tap loads website content in the new tab - as supposed; also v.1.9.80, but Android 10 phone.)

@Marco, yes, I do want to have the tab created. I may or may not click on anything on the site. Just had an ad pop up while I was on this site reading the responses. I tapped it and it went away.

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@Marti, I suspect its due to Samsung S2/Android 7 :frowning: (as you’re using latest version of Brave already, only thing slightly outdated is - the phone and the Android version)

  1. Did you just start using Brave = have you had a chance to try previous versions and did this occur too?
  2. Do u use some adblocker or antivirus or some other app that could intercept ad OR interfere with notification? Maybe it’s that, too.

:bulb: Idea :bulb: (Suggestion for you)

I can offer you an alternative way - a free app called “Notif Log”. Its purpose is to save notifications for later view. It also offers tap to open functionality (you can tap on notifications “fired” in the last 24 hours).
But even w/out that functionality, you’ll still be able to SEE ad title+text, and could Google that and easily visit the website again, at a later point. Try it. :heart:

This is how it looks like:

:point_up_2: See how it saved my ads in the last 14 hours?

I can tap there too, and revisit website.
Or google content in the ad & find them…and visit them.
@Ramees1996 is correct too. :+1: :black_heart:
He just wanted to inform you that you’ll get rewarded (with same amount of BAT!) - completely no matter if you clicked on the ad (and visited website) or swiped ad notification away. (without visiting site advertised through Brave Ads)

Thank you, Marco. The process worked fine for a long time even on same S2 and same Android 7. It was either in the current Brave release or the previous one that I started having problems.

It is intermittent. For example, I just tapped an ad notification and it came up as it should.

Thank you for the suggestion but I think I’ll just live with this. As an old software programmer, I know something is wrong but don’t have the current knowledge to pin it down.

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Thank you cbmoseley1 - received your reply in email although it has been deleted here. I looked for what you described but couldn’t find a Notification area in Settings. Probably because I’m on Android 7 and you’re on 10. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

Hi Marti. I thought I had solved the problem on my phone; however, the problem resurfaced and that is why I deleted the suggestion. I didn’t want to steer people in the wrong direction. I’m still working on a solution, but I’m hoping the Support Team will be able to respond soon. In my situation, when I tap on the notification, the Brave browser pops up, but the ad does not appear, just the last page I had viewed. Also, I think I may have misread the FAQs regarding getting rewarded for reading the ad notifications versus actually clicking on them and viewing them. The FAQs are a bit confusing. Anyway, I hope we’ll eventually get it figured out. Have a great evening!

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