Ads not opening from notification flags

I am using Brave v1. 12.113 on Android 10 in my Galaxy S10e. I receive the notifications of the Brave Ads, but selecting them does not open the ad page in the Brave browser (which is set as default on my phone), even when I have it open.

Welcome @thoryash

I found my way to your post via community search. I wanted to see if other users were experiencing ad notifications not resolving – and here you are.

Earlier tonight, I had three ad notifications. Upon clicking them, none resolved.

I’ve no screen proof. All I can say is:

  • I had been busy working when the ads were received

  • @ least four hours passed between my receiving the ads and my attempt to open them

  • Three ads were present in notifications. I clicked on all three ads. None of the ads resolved.

My phone is quite meager itself. However, it will run an apk side load of up to date Samsung SmartThings. I use Alexa mainly, but was lucky enough to beta test Samsung Galaxy Mini with Bixby, and the aforementioned app is the dashboard.

Basically, just like my s_x life, I’m unhappy with my phone…but just like my s_x life, I make due via improv and butter(jk, jk…about the improv).

Phone stoof:

Most recent ad notifications:

Did they resolve?



No resolve on DoFasting

Here’s a summary, and do note the time difference between screen of collected ad notices and their respective resolve snips.

I would add that while creating this reply, besides battling an enormous flying wood roach of death, four notifications were received. I clicked each one. All resolved correctly.

@brave Brave, do notifications have an expiration, or a time limit or such, between ad notification reception on device to the “point in time” when the user is able to view the ad?

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