Brave ads not poping up in the notifications bar anymore while brave isnt open on a android phone

Brave browser used to show ads in my notifications even when brave wasnt open directly. Fewer ads dramatically on android as of late. I would avg over 300 befor now its only 20 per month. Nothing in my settings or anything has changed ever since 2020 and android slowly declined over the year in consistent ads showing up. It rarely shows up when the app is open directly unlike befor it didnt have to be inorder for ads to pop up.
Considering switching back to google since the ads only give 50 cents per month now from this bug or change im not sure what happen. Ads should pop up with brave in the backround still but doesnt. Need help and multiple tickets were sent in already so im not doing another one. They just need to fix and take a look into this problems with android.

**android galaxy s20ultra and brave 1.57.53


**in a supported region aka usa ohio


Just my personal opinion, but if that’s the only reason you’re using Brave, then you have the wrong priorities. Brave is all about privacy, adblocking, etc. The ads are the icing on the cake.

Have you checked your settings? For example,

If you have it set to put Brave to sleep to save battery, then that might explain the issue you’re having.

For different issues though, no? For example, earlier this year you mentioned that you couldn’t even link your phone

Same thing at the one below:

One of the only times I saw you mention a ticket was as a random comment on someone else’s topic.:

Of course, no ticket number provided or anything.

So you’re saying that you are able to be connected on your phone, where you hadn’t been able to before?

And you’re able to view ads and received BAT, where you said before that you weren’t able to in the past?

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