Tabs/Window Border don't match GTK+ Theme in Gnome

Description of the issue: In Gnome, Window border and tab backgrounds do not match GTK theme when using GTK+. Tabs are white with white text and virtually unreadable

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Launch Brave in the Gnome desktop.
2. Go to Settings > Appearance and apply the GTK+ Theme

Expected result: Tab backgrounds and window border should match the active GTK3 theme. This is the current behavior in other environments (KDE Plasma, AwesomeWM)

**Brave Version( check About Brave):1.26.77 (applies to all Chromium browsers I have tried, not just Brave)

Additional Information: i have observed this behavior on Arch Linux, Manjaro, and Debian for the last two years in Brave, Chrome, and Chromium. Applies regardless of GTK Theme in use, and only in some DE’s and WM’s .

Screenshot of issue in Gnome

Screenshot of proper theming in AwesomeWM

This issue has been filed on Github for the team to review. I’ve added a +1 to the issue on your behalf:

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