Requesting guidelines for GTK theming


“Settings” > “Appearance” >> “Themes” >> “GTK+” does not yield expected results because there are some brave-specific elements that the system-wide GTK theme does not know how to customize.

The gtk.css file in my system theme could be improved by incorporating these elements so that Brave is displayed predictably. Specifically, I would like to determine how the brave application and the color of an active tab therein should be referenced in GTK 3.0 CSS (i.e. the names of those elements), as well as the possibility of reverting to system-wide scrollbar styles.

Launching “GTK_DEBUG=interactive brave-browser-dev” from a terminal has not facilitated this process, as Brave does not function as expected. In other GTK 3 applications, such as caja, one is in this manner able to click a dropper icon and click on elements in the window to get information. In the case of Brave, clicking on elements in this mode does not yield any response nor does it indicate that any particular element has actually been selected.

If anyone has any experience in doing this and can share data from their GTK themes, that would be delightful. I would of course be grateful as well if someone could simply point me in the right direction. I’ve been unable to find any records of anyone asking for this online


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