Tabs don't load when right click opening

I’m running brave browser on Windows 10. For a while it was great, it worked just like firefox. I could do a search, right click on a result and choose open in new tab. That is how I’ve been using browsers since tabbed browsing became a thing. Imagine my surprise today when I go to use the browser like I have forever and when I open a tab this way, NOTHING LOADS. So I use the reload feature in the browser only for NOTHING TO LOAD. The pages just stay blank. Now if I copy the URL from the address bar and past it into a NEW TAB. Then it magically loads. But not if I reload it. Now if the browser crashes or closes then when I reopen it all the tabs show, but NOT ONE OF THEM LOADS. So I have to close all of the tabs and start all over.

When will the right clicking and loading of tabs work again. I was excited to find brave and I like it, but if I can’t right click and open a tab and if none of the tabs reload when I start the browser.

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I just found out if I close the browser and open it again, right click tab opening works. So I’m back in the 1990’s playing nintendo games where you must hold your mouth just right and hit key combos to make things work. Is this a brave thing or the underlying code? Well I use firefox and it isn’t having this issue.

Can you please perform the following tests?

  1. Open a Private browsing window and try to reproduce the issue there — does the issue persist or do tabs load normally?

  2. Go to Menu —> More tools —> Add new profile and create a new profile for testing (you can delete it after you’re done testing). Close your original profile window so that you only have the one new profile window open. Now test the behavior again — does the issue persist or do tabs load normally?

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