Pages don't load + New tabs don't load + Brave pages don't load

Description of the issue: I log into my computer today and all my pages are blank. All of my extensions keep crashing and my computer is freezing from all the notifications. I try to go to brave://extensions to try and fix it there, but that doesn’t load either.

Steps to Reproduce: Step 1. You open Brave Browser. That’s it.

Actual Result): Websites are blank, forever loading. System tabs have the sad folder icon, only used when a website is crashed. This is what my computer looks like. image

Expected result: The tabs load like normal.

Reproduces how often: This just happened starting today.

Operating System and Brave Version: I’m running Windows 8.1 Home Edition and I can’t check my about page because it won’t work.

Additional Information: I tested my internet, tried reinstalling it, and even rebooting my ethernet.

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