Improve user experience like Vivaldi did

Hello @ all,

first I want to tell you that I like the brave-browser very much and I switched from Vivaldi to Brave a 2 weeks ago to test it.

Both browsers are a very good alternative to the basic Google Chrome one.
I prefer the performance and security aspects of brave, a little bit better than Vivaldi - GREAT!

But there are some things you guys can learn from Vivaldi to make the user experience even greater.

To improve:

  • Add tabgrouping via just hoover/overlap tabs in the tab-bar.
  • Maybe tile view tabgroups
  • Add a icon where I can see the last closed pages which I can restore with STRG+SHIFT+T or just restore a later one by 1 click and not restoring all and close all except the 1 I wanted to restore.
  • Extend the sync-function to sync also passwords, sessions, cookies, browser-settingsetc. I very like the sync-function of Vivaldi

All these features are great to use on Vivaldi and made it my main browser.
I guess a lot of people will enjoy these features and they shouldn´t be that hard to implement.

Fancy stuff like mouse-gesture commands are funny but not needed. So I won´t miss them here.

So are there suggestions or complains about my wanted features?
Or things I´ve overseen?


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