I have tried simulating vivaldi two level tab groups

I usually open many tabs, and currently I feel that Brave is not giving me needed tool to manage all of those tabs. Instead Vivaldi has more tools to manage tabs, but it’s UI is too slow (probably because it’s written using HTML/JavaScript).

I’d love to have in Brave the two level tab groups of Vivaldi, and I have tried to achieve that.

I installed on Windows 10 an app called Groupy (from Stardock) that add tabs support to all applications. Then I configured Groupy to handle Brave windows.

Just to test it I’ve created three Brave windows, and used Groupy to “convert” them to tabs.

It works, but it’s not optimal: I have three Brave processes, and I have to remember to exit brave using the “exit” menu. Also it’s not very fast in switching between groups.

I believe that it’s necessary to implement tab groups natively, so I’ll have to wait for Brave developers to add support for it.

link to video: