Tiling Tab Stacks

Vivaldi has a feature of having tab stacks and tiling them whenever needed.
Many people like me keep a lot of tabs opened. It is not comfortable to just activate one tab out of 20 tabs. Instead, we can organize those tabs in 3 or 4 tab stacks and it makes things easier for us. In addition, having the option to tile two or more tabs helps us multitask.
We want these features in Brave too.

For example, I visit YouTube. I find 10 videos intriguing. If I play one video and return back, the page refreshes and I won’t find those other 9 videos unless I search for each one of them. If I open each video in new tab I create 10 new tabs. They take all space on tab-bar. It would be much better browsing experience if I could just stack them together.
Also, if I could tile tabs of Facebook Messenger and YouTube for example, I could watch a YouTube video while chatting with a friend without needing to open Messenger’s tab to reply each time I received a message.

I still have Vivaldi installed just for these features.