Tab mute button

Can we get a option to remove this mute button that shows up on top of tabs
It gets in the way when i am trying to switch tabs
I added picture what i want to remove :slight_smile:
Hope this browser success :slight_smile:
brave fix|391x500

Not sure if is there any way to remove it, although one thing you can try is “Pin” (Right-click on tab > Pin) that particular tab so it collapses itself thus making the “mute” option disappear but to close that tab you’ll have to unpin it or use shortcut key Ctrl + W.


Thanks :slight_smile: that helps but it’s not really as good as it could be :slight_smile:

I added your +1 to the logged request which can be tracked here

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I use the mute button all the time. Please don’t remove it but it could be moved less close to the X button. LOL One more thing, on the new pop out video. Great addition… thanks!! Can volume and speed controls be added to the popout? That would be more than awesome. Thanks for all you do. Brave IS the best!