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I’m Completely new to Brave (about 2 weeks) and a bit of a technological m0r0n. I have Brave on my desktop that uses Windows 7. I have just gotten a laptop with Windows 11. I was able to copy the favorites folder in Edge and paste them in the bookmarks of Brave on my desktop with no problem. So I now have all my bookmarks on my Desktop in Brave. Great. Mission accomplished. Firing on all cylinders here!

I had no idea how to transfer all the bookmarks from my desktop to laptop. I looked online to where the bookmarks are stored on my desktop. It said to copy the “Bookmarks” and “Favicons” files. I did that and copied them onto a flash drive. opened the flashdrive on the laptop. Finally found the appData on Windows 11, went into the Default folder in Brave, pasted those files and I still have nothing in my bookmarks. NONE of them transfered over.

What did I do wrong, & how to get all my Brave bookmarks from desktop to laptop? Thank you.



Hi Varick, Welcome to the community. :smiley:

You can Sync your devices in brave://settings/braveSync,

What does it mean to “Sync” my data?

Brave Sync allows you to synchronize your browsing data across all of your devices. This way, you have access to the same bookmarks, browsing history and other data regardless of which device you are using.
Source: Understanding Brave Sync

There are topics in the Brave Help Center that can help you understand Sync and set it up here: Sync

Good luck!


Alternatively, if like me you don’t want to use sync for whatever reason, you can export and import bookmarks as an html file via the little drop-down menu on the right of brave://bookmarks/.

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Thank you Chocoholic. It worked PERFECTLY! You just made my day.

Go-go duck, I tried that method and nothing happened. Which is why I came here to find an alternative. Thank you for reaching out though. Much obliged.



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You’re welcome Varick. Glad I made your day (that made mine!) And me too on the technological m0r0n. lol

The method @Go-Go_duck mentioned should work though. I use that method to save a copy of my bookmarks offline just in case. I use bookmarks a lot and would hate to start from scratch if everything crash and burned at once! But an advantage of using Sync is that it keeps up with the changes you make to your bookmarks between devices.

Let me know if you want some help figuring out why the option to export bookmarks isn’t working through brave://bookmarks. We could probably get help from Go-Go_duck (he is not a technical m0r0n :wink: ) if we run into any problems!

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That’s actually one of the reasons that I don’t like it: I would prefer to push and pull bookmarks to and from the S3, instead of synching being continuous and automatic.

Bold of you to assume this :joy: I can do my best, but that’s all I can promise.

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