Synchronize favorites

1-Why does the browser Brave not have the ability to synchronize and import information from the browser edge?

2-which one is better? Brave …edge… chrome…

  1. Import yes, “synchronize” (as in, ongoing sync) no.
  1. Depends on your needs. Of course at this site you’ll find mostly Brave fans. I was a die-hard Firefox user until late last year. I’m on board with Brave going forward, as long as the platform remains open and neutral and looks out for my privacy. And I currently think it’s the best mainstream browser for those goals. If you have other things that are more important to you then you might enjoy one of the others better.

But since you’re here – welcome to the group and the browser, let us know if there’s anything more we can help with.

browser Brave not support import information (favorites
history…) from the browser edge. mozila…
please see photo

Hmm, weird – it does offer ‘Microsoft Edge’ as an option (amongst others) on my Win10 system. Looks like only ‘Favorites’ can be imported, but not sure why you can’t even do that on your system.

You should be able to Export them from Edge though, as HTML, and then import them into Brave. A little more roundabout but should work.

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