How do I import data from Microsoft Edge?

Hello everyone! I do not know how to import data from Microsoft Edge into Brave, can someone help me? Thanks! :grin: :wave:

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Thanks for reaching out.
In Brave, open the Menu, then go to Bookmarks --> Import bookmarks and Settings and select Edge in the resulting window you. Select what data to import and you should be good to go. Documentation on this can be found here:

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Hi! Here is a problem though. When I go to import data, there is no Edge option, maybe Edge was not added to be able to import data into Brave? Or is it just a bug?

So it looks like you can only import Bookmarks/Favorites from Edge. But regardless, you should still see the option appear in the Import bookmarks and settings dropdown box.

Iโ€™d like to look into/ask around about the issue of Edge not appearing. Alternatively you can export your data from Edge (at least your Passwords and Bookmarks) and then manually import them into Brave.
For exporting bookmarks:
Menu --> Bookmarks --> Bookmarks manager --> More options (three dots icon) --> Export
(importing the bookmarks can be done using the same path)

For exporting passwords:
Menu --> Settings --> Additional --> Autofill --> Passwords --> More options --> Export
(importing the passwords can be done using the same path)

Can you please send me an image? I cannot see where it is.

Hello? Are you there?

For importing Passwords:

For importing Bookmarks:

To export this data from Edge, see the following MS Edge documentation:

Export bookmarks from edge

Export Passwords from Edge:

Thank you so much! Have a great day!

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