How do I import my Edge bookmarks?

The only options I was given were Explorer and Chrome.

Brave does not presently support dynamically importing bookmarks from Edge. For now, you would need to manually export them from Edge, and manually import them into Brave.

Export from Edge:

  1. Navigate to edge://favorites/
  2. Select … › Export Favorites
  3. Save resulting HTML file to Desktop

Import into Brave:

  1. Navigate to brave://bookmarks/
  2. Select ⋮ › Import Bookmarks
  3. Locate and load the previously-generated HTML file from Edge

I hope this helps!

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WOW, thank you so much for the speedy response! I’ve only been using Brave for about an hour, but well on my way to making it my default.


And yes, Brave is now my default browser. Likely to become the default on my Pixel II as well.

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