Importing favorites from Edge to Brave Keep getting Coming Soon

I left Edge/Bing for privacy and other numerous reasons hoping Brave would be better. Unfortunately, that’s not showing much promise either. :roll_eyes: I have had no problem importing my bookmarks from Firefox which was easy. Same with IE, even tho old. BUT trying to import Edge favorites has been insanely ridiculous. Tried the usual way which only got the message “coming soon.” Never came. Tried doing it manually using Html but can’t find the folder. Tried suggested ideas but can’t find the folder anywhere. Can anyone help? I have a lot of organized favorites and to begin all over again would be a massive job. Appreciate whatever help anyone can provide. Thank you.

To do it manually, you first need to export the favourites from Edge to a HTML file, then import that HTML file into Brave.

To export favourites from Edge:

1) Open Edge.

2) Go to edge://favorites/ using the address bar.

3) Click the 3 dots ellipsis menu (…) to the right of “Add folder”.

4) Click “Export Favourites”.

5) Save the HTML favourites file to the Desktop.

To import that exported HTML file into Brave:

1) Open Brave.

2) Go to brave://bookmarks/ using the address bar

3) Click the vertical 3 dots menu on the top-right of the page.

4) Click “Import bookmarks”.

5) Navigate to the HTML favourites file on the Desktop that you saved from Edge.

What OS? If you’re on desktop, just go to brave://welcome and then as you go through things there, you’ll see:

You should be able to click on Edge and import things over.

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