I have recently started to use Brave, and I have liked it until I discovered that synchronising Brave on my desktop and laptop (which is important for me) turned out a complete disaster.

I now have hundreds of saved pages in my bookmarks that have been double or even multiplied four times. It’s literally out of control. I hope there is a solution because the way it is is just unmanageable and being always in such an hurry with study and work I cannot think about having to delete all this crazy multiplication of pages.

Best wishes

Hi @gianca, welcome to Community!

A huge number of fixes and overhauls to Sync are on the way – we’re well aware of some of the issues users are having. If you’re eager for a fix, I recommend you use the Brave Nightly build ( so you can stay on top of the latest updates to Sync and get them as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

Many thanks, Asad. I’ll try it.

Hello Asad, I am afraid both my desktop (Captain) and laptop (Mojave) don’t like Brave-Nightly. it just won’t open and goes into a loop asking ok or cancel and when out it says it sends a message to report it

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