HELP! Brave sync let down

Can someone actually help me?? This is the second time I’ve had to ask for help with this, my bookmarks are not syncing, some of my folders are not coming over and when I edit or make a new file nothing changes on the other device, what do I do and what is being done?

Brave Community has a search functionality. If you search the term “sync” you’ll see that there’ 10’'s if not hundreds of other people that have made identical posts to yours. There’s a chance that no one has addressed your specific post because it’s already been addressed in someone elses.

Sync is in beta. It’s in the middle of getting a complete overhaul because of it’s unreliability. They heard us and it’s in the works. We just gotta be a little patient on our end. :slight_smile:

Fine but I dont know why they couldnt have just said that, heck I even remember asking you a while back as well and you never replied, so thank you for replying and actually explaining, in my defense I have searched and have seen hundreds of issues ignored or promised help with no results, I myself have even tried to ask developers and they never replied even when they had actually spoken to me previously

My bad! I found that thread where we had previously talked about it. I figured brave admins would be able to give you a more detailed response on that specific response,… :grimacing:

From my understanding, Brave is experiencing very high growth with the browser. Which means more people joining the community. I doubt that Brave has the capabilities to scale their team at the rate of which Brave is growing. So their available resources, when it comes to admins of the communities, are being stretched thin. I wouldn’t be surprised if they let posts go unaddressed if there’s already a similar post out there. While they address the posts that are new problems per say. Ya know?

This is just a guess. I have no insight on how Brave operates.

Side Note:
Here’s how I know that Brave sync is being addressed.

They just pushed out an update with some sync fixes. :slight_smile:

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