Sync transferred bookmarks in wrong direction

Hi. I wanted to sync bookmarks and extensions between my laptop and my tablet (surface go2, which is basically a laptop as far as brave is concerned). The laptop had the up to date bookmarks and extensions so I created the sync chain there and used its code on the tablet. Extensions were transferred from the laptop to the tablet but the reverse happened for bookmarks. Bookmarks went from the tablet to the laptop, which deleted a buttload of important bookmarks that I had on my laptop.

Why did this happen? And how can I reverse this. I did not export my bookmarks on my laptop so they’re not saved on my computer. Is this something I can achieve by restoring my computer to an earlier state? I also still have the 24 word sequence that I had when I created the chain. Will this help? I’ve since removed the tablet from the chain to see if this helps but it doesn’t. Any help would be appreciated.