Sync stopped working on MAC

Sync is no longer working for me. I tried uninstalling the application, but apparently the data is saved so I can’t start over. Is sync currently working properly for MAC systems?
Is there a way for me to repair the current sync issue or completely start over?

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Yes it should be working just fine for mac. To remove any device from the Sync chain, open Brave on it and go to Settings --> Sync --> Managed Synced Devices --> Leave Sync chain. Do this for any devices currently on the chain, then simply create a new Sync chain to try again.

Same with me even after hitting Settings → Sync → Managed Synced Devices → Leave Sync chain. It seems the option on Mac does nothing.
Any ideas?

I tried your solution. When I attempt to remove a device, I get a pop-up, answer yes, but the device is not removed. When I request a sync code, the code is only one word long. When I request to view the sync QR code, Brave crashes.

What should I do?

Can you please tell me what version of macOS you’re using at this time as well as the Brave version?

Brave is up to date

Version 1.42.97 Chromium: 104.0.5112.102 (Official Build) (x86_64)

MacOS Monterey
Version 12.5.1

Can you please go to brave://crashes and submit any crash reports that occurred as a result of attempting to view the Sync code? If you’re unsure which ones they are, simply reproduce the crash, then go to brave://crashes and submit the most recent one.

Please reply back here with the crash report ID so our developers can review.

Is this the correct information?


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Thank you for the information.
I think you may need to (re)grant Brave access to your device keychain. Can you please try granting access by following that macOS steps listed here?

I granted Brave access, but it still crashes when I request the sync code.

Thank you for testing — digging further into this now.

So I think the only way to fix the Sync issue for you is to remove all devices from the chain and create a new one.

You mentioned that you’re unable to leave the chain using the in-browser options. So instead, on each device, go to brave://sync-internals and use the Disable Sync (clear data) option:

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