Mac OS Sync problem

Yesterday I have to my mac os password, so the Keychain was also dropped. The problem is after that the sync stopped working at all on this iMac. All the checkboxes in sync are inactive. I try to click on quit, but after confirm the sync settings stay on device anyway. I also try delete, and install but this doesn’t help. I took another device, and removed my iMac from the sync, another device doesn’t list my iMac in sync devices list, but on my iMac the Brave still shows that I’m synced, and syncing nothing.

  1. Brave 1.21.76 latest version, Mac os 10.14.6. Sync is on with more than 1 device.
  2. Drop users password Mac os

No idea at all how to fix.

Image shows what I see no matter what I’m doing

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