Sync Setup Problem


In the last days I downloaded Brave in my computer. Yesterday I downloaded it into my Iphone and I saw that I could sync each other.

When I start the process from my computer it says to “navigate to Brave Sync in the Settings panel” on my phone and than to “click the button Scan Sync Code”. There’s no such button to click.

Is there a bug or am I missing something?

I also saw that I can make the same thing using my phone info as a template for the computer, but I already customized my Brave browser on the computer and I don’t want to lose the changes.

Hope you can help me!

Hi and welcome to the community.

Are you using the instructions from the Help Center to set up Sync?

Here is the main topic link.

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Yes I followed the instructions but didn’t found the answer to my question yet.
“Why there is not the “Scan Sync Code” button on IOS Sync settings?”

I also synced my devices using the Sync Code of my phone but the browser did’t update my bookmarks.

These are older posts and varying platforms but I think the process is the same. They may help you troubleshoot.

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@NicoG Glad you found a solution! :smiley:

Can you edit your solution post and explain how you solved your issue? It may help others who have a similar issue. Thank-you!

Edit: I’m glad those topics helped you solve your issue! If there was a specific topic that really helped, you can always edit your post and copy/paste that one in your post and mark your post as the solution… :smiley:

The solution was in the older posts you linked me.
Thanks very much!!

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