Explain to me like I'm 5 how to sync my open tabs between ios and Windows

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Description of the issue:
I cannot figure out how to sync anything, let alone the open tabs I’m trying to sync (or bookmarks would do) between my iphone and Windows Brave browsers.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Sync chain already exists
  2. bookmarks selected both in Windows sync settings and ios sync settings
  3. on windows settings, I click View Sync Code
  4. I select the View QR Code option
  5. I get message, “On your mobile device, navigate to Brave Sync in the Settings panel and click the button “Scan Sync Code”. Use your camera to scan the QR Code below.”
  6. There is no such option on my iphone in brave sync settings

Expected result:
That I should be able to sync at least my bookmarks from iphone to windows

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Windows 1.43.93
iOS 1.42

Mobile Device details
iPhone SE (original) iOS 15.6.1

Additional Information:

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Welcome to the community. Posting information which may help. Hope so anyway!

From Brave Help Center Sync category:

Posted by a Brave support team member in Brave Community:
Brave “I have a sync code” button is missing - #2 by Mattches

Other Sync related issues:

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This option appears on the device to be Synced with the device already on the chain. So the steps should be:

  1. On desktop/device currently on the Sync chain, go to Settings --> Sync
  2. Click Add new device
  3. Click Computer (if that’s what you’re adding)
  4. Now, on the other device you want on the chain, go to Settings --> Sync
  5. You should be presented with the top options shown in the image above. Choose I have a Sync code
  6. Enter the Sync code displayed on your first device into the second one

Now both devices should be added to the chain.

Sorry - I’m responding without knowing how to quote your post, so I hope this works.

This isn’t what I’m doing, OR what’s happening. I already have the sync chain set up, between my laptop and my iPhone, so I don’t have to (or want to)“add new device.” I want to sync open tabs (now that it’s available) between my iPhone and my laptop. I have 2 options when I initiate a sync from the laptop - the “sync chain code” (which is a pain to replicate from where it’s displayed, to the phone), or via the QR code option. I’m supposed to be able to “On your mobile device, navigate to Brave Sync in the Settings panel and click the button ‘Scan Sync Code’.” But there is no such button presented.

Is there a step-by-step instruction sheet for how to sync open tabs from an iPhone to a laptop?

I just removed my iPhone from the chain and re-added it, and realized that this is what all the instructions I’ve seen are for - setting up the chain.

But I have the chain set up. I have far too many (50+) open tabs in my Brave browser on my iphone, so I want to synch those open tabs to my laptop, so that I can copy the URLs and save them to my task list for future reading. How do I actually PERFORM that synch, to see my iPhone’s open tabs on my laptop?

AND - for the education of anyone else not getting this, I just found it.

In HISTORY, on the laptop, I have to change from “Brave history” on the left-hand side of the screen to “Tabs from other devices.”

So - now I get it.

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