“Scan Sync Code” Button Doesn’t Exist; Cannot Scan to Sync

Sync instructions say “On your second mobile device, navigate to Sync in the Settings panel and tap the button “Scan Sync Code”. Use your camera to scan the QR code below.” …but I have done this on my iPhone and iPad, and there is no such button. I only get new Sync Chain QR codes every time I do it, but there is no button to actually scan from either of my devices.

**Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): I’ve done this multiple times. It’s consistently not there.

**Reproduces how often: Every time.

**Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu): Version 1.23.1 (

**Type of devices currently running on the Sync chain in question: iPhone 12 Pro, iPad Pro

**Additional Information: Please help me sync my devices. Thanks!


You should see “I’ve a sync code” button when you try to setup sync for the first time.


This is what I see. No option for entering a code or scanning… I don’t see a way to sync from here. What should I do?


And this is what happens when I tap “Add New Device”…


And when I tap “phone/tablet” it just gives me another QR code… that I can’t use.

Sorry to be a pain, but would really appreciate your help!


Both devices showing the same page? That mean both devices is already on (probably its own) sync chain.

To be clear, below is a “setup page”. You should see this page when you trying to setup sync chain for the first time. Either it’s creating new sync chain or joining an existing one.

So, to use sync:

  • setup page on first device
  • start a new sync chain
  • on your first device, click “add new device” to get the QR code
  • setup page on second/third/n device
  • “I’ve a sync code” to join the existing chain from 1st device. This will open the scanner.

I’m not sure how to reset the sync chain on iOS. So let me tagging @Mattches @Aa-ron for additional assistance.

I can initiate and get a QR code on both my iPhone and my iPad. But I can’t use one of them to take a picture of the other…

My two devices are not synced or chained because I can’t access a camera to take the QR code picture or a place to enter a code.

The option simply is not there…


Can you share what you do see after tapping I have a Sync code to add a device to the chain?

My friend… I never see that text. It doesn’t appear anywhere. Only in the instructions telling me to tap the button saying those words, but that never appears in any place I can tap/select it.


I think you need a fresh start with Sync.

  1. On your devices, go to Settings --> Sync and top on each device and select Remove Device.
  2. Now, on one device, go back to Settings --> Sync --> Start a new sync chain. Great, this creates the chain and adds that device to it.
  3. Go to your second device, Settings --> Sync – you should see a page similar to the image @eljuno shared above, with the options to Start a new Sync chain or I have a Sync code.
  4. Select I have a Sync code – this will bring up a Scan window where you can scan the QR code or enter the code words to add this device to the chain.
  5. Now, on the device you started the Sync chain with, go to Settings --> Sync --> Add new device. This will bring up a QR code to be scanned, or the option to view the code words.
  6. Scan the QR code with the device you’re second device (from step 4).

Yes - This worked! Thanks so much!

Do my open tabs sync across devices?

I appreciate your help!

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Sadly no. iOS only support bookmarks sync, ATM. Other data sync is in the work @RozaK .


Running Brave on a system76 laptop. cat lsb-release.diverted says OS is Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS

Today, I was able to sync a windows 10 desktop and an android smartphone. I wanted to add my ubuntu laptop to the sync chain but there is no option to sync in the version of Brave on the laptop.

**Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):
Go to Settings and look for Sync option but there isn’t one.
I’ve gone through the steps to install Brave for Linux at https://brave.com/linux/#linux twice.
Installation step says says v1.10.97 is the newest version available.

**Reproduces how often: Every time.

**Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu): Brave version 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)

**Type of devices currently running on the Sync chain in question: windows 10 desktop, android smartphone (One+ 7t)

**Additional Information: Just want to sync my devices.
Is 1.10.97 the correct/latest version of Brave? If not, when will the correct version be available?

Hello, I’m not using linux but I see that there is a new version:

(this is the official repository of brave)

I had the same problem, not giving the choices of “scan code” as advertised, but showing “this device” as the synced device. I guess it’s the as default, but it then prevents the next step. I suggest the default should be no synced devices if you’re saying your first device to sync, and show the “scan code” button. That way one wouldn’t have to go and search in the Brave community how to solve what should be a simple task - syncing one’s devices.

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After step 5 (when trying to link two desktops) nothing happens. The target computer under “Manage your synced devices” shows the name of that desktop under “device list” but on the originating desktop no device is listed in that Device list."

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On my desktop, I have no option to remove the existing sync chain. This seemingly straightforward workflow is maddeningly difficult. Is it a bug? Am I missing something that’s obvious to everyone else? I have up-to-date Brave versions. But nothing I read matches anything I see on 2 desktops and 1 mobile install.
Screen Shot 2021-06-17 at 3.11.58 PM

It may be a UI issue due to dark theme – the device should be there. Regardless, if you visit the device you want to remove and go to Settings --> Sync (the same page in your screenshot there), if you scroll down to the bottom of a page you should see a Leave Sync chain button: