Sync PC and Mobile

I have 3 computers and 2 cell phones on the “Sync” network, but I notice that the cell phones don’t receive the passwords saved on the computers. Just yesterday I had this problem. I was on a page that I had saved on the desktop but the Brave application on the cell phone did not bring the saved user and password. On the cell phone all devices appear and the sync options are all enabled.

Did you toggle the ‘passwords’ in Sync settings? If you don’t toggle it you won’t get the passwords, because toggling options means “Send and Receive from server” pretty much.

Also, did you enable the Account System sync setting? If not, your phone might not sync, I noticed that in Android 12 and 13 I got everything synched correctly even without it but for older versions seems like it was needed.

It can be in 3 places depending on Android version and Phone (or maybe more):

System settings --> Accounts --> Automatically Sync Data
System settings --> Accounts and backup --> Accounts --> Auto Sync Data
System settings --> Cloud and accounts --> Accounts --> Auto Sync Data
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