Passwords doesnt sync to phone

i use brave nightly on my phone and pc
and passwords wont sync to my android phone

hi @yoge67855, only your passwords does not sync? are you sure you have the same version in both devices?

I had a similar problem, and the cause was that one of my devices in the sync chain was not updated. there seems to be that in the sync chain one of the devices act as the main node(probably the one that started the chain) if that device is out of date the sync will not work properly even if the other devices are updated.

I hope this help you

computer: image
and on phone its: 1.20.58
i cant update it says its up to date.

It seems that’s the reason why it’s not syncing your passwords. But is there isn’t any update available I think you’ll have to wait :thinking:

now i have same versions and it still dont sync
( i have 1.20.60 on both )

mmm, I don’t know what else to tell you, report the problem in the brave nightly section and tag one of the brave team like mattches, fanboyz, or sampson, maybe one of them knows more on the matter.

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