Saved passwords that show on phone don't appear on desktop PC

Assuming I’ve synced my phone and PC correctly (is there a video walk through for doing this? I’m trying to get less computer illiterate but damn, this is obtuse as hell) then my saved passwords on my mobile version should show up on my PC version - and only 3 do.

All bookmarks are visible as they should be but only 3 passwords show on my desktop version when I’m showing many more than that on my mobile version.

Is there some professional I can pay to remote in and resolve the issue, or whom I can pay for their time to teach me? or just go back to using Google which was far easier to sync and use?

What exactly is the value proposition here?

@loathebrv74 Brave sync is for now only sync your bookmarks. Other type of browser data sync us in the plan.


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