Sync Brave Wallet Across Devices!

I think, most people love cross functional browsers, and i have seen previous requests for Brave Sync to Sync Passwords, History, Home Pins/Bookmarks, Open Tabs. But i also feel that Brave Wallet synced across my devices is beneficial as not everyone may like separate wallets for rewards across Android, PC and MAC. Instead if my rewards where in one wallet that would make managing everything easy not to mention my Auto-Contribute and tip settings will be consistent across devices.

So an additional feature to sync Brave rewards with the other traditional sync requests would really make my life easier.


Hi @mohammedpatla,

Thanks for your post! This is a great request. Our team is working to build out Sync functionality and I will pass this onto them.


I second this. The wallet should be synced for every instance of Brave, be it desktop or mobile. I for example read a lot of newspapers on my cell phone when I am at Subway, and they do not profit from the stack of BAT’s I have loaded into my desktop brave, as the access statistic for them is limited to my iPhone.