Sync Key Lost. Need help to recreate a Sync key

Need help to recreate a Sync Key:

I want to try on brave app so I downloaded it this morning. Tried to sync my iOS app with the same account on Mac web. I followed the process and click “copy the sync key to clipboard before proceed”.
I did copy it. And I thought it is now on my clipboard so I can paste to somewhere to store it after I complete the sync process.
After I complete the sync process, when I tried to paste it on my iPhone note, there is nothing!! Namely, I lost my Sync key.

Brave iOS 1.43(

iPhone 6 Plus:

Desired Support : I hope to recreate a sync key for my account. May you terminate the lost one and enable me to performance another sync action for my account ?

@letsgstarted I’m confused on reading yours. As long as you have a device on the sync chain, you can just click View Sync Code or Add Device and you can view the code you need to add another device. Whether it be QR code or one you have to type in. Both are always available.

If you’re saying you deleted Brave or did something like a new install on a device, and you’re hoping to use the sync code as a backup with no other devices on the sync chain, then you’re out of luck as there would be no way to recover that old one.

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