I cant find my downloads and how do I sync my phones and computers?

I have downloaded drivers and PDFs and am unsure where to find them. I have looked at brave://downloads but they are not shown.

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 12.48.42 PM

Also, I would like to sync my phone and work computer. How can I not? On my iPhone 12, under the sync settings, I cannot find the option to use the camera so I can use the QR code. also, there is no option to type in the sync code either. Thanks for any help/guidance!

@Vamonos Look at the screenshots you share. The one there tells you

Treat this code like a password

If you have any passwords or personal information on your sync chain, anyone here that sees the picture can now get it and access your information.

For your safety, please go to brave://settings/braveSync/setup and Leave Sync Chain and/or go to brave://sync-internals/ and then click on Disable Sync. Then you can start a new chain, which hopefully will have a new code. Then make sure you never openly share it again

Also, might be beneficial to change passwords for anything you had saved in your browser, just in case anyone was able to see your sync code and link to it. Definitely need to be very careful of the things you share.

Thanks :slight_smile:
This browser is a little confusing to me.

All good. Just hope you took steps I mentioned, if you’re at all worried on info. Big concern is all edits and deletes we do on Brave Community are permanent. So you deleted the image, but it’s still visible if someone clicks on the pencil icon on your post and rewinds it. That’s why I was saying you’ll want to change it up and essentially erase that particular sync chain. (on both devices…probably best to do the clear data one).

Just to rehash, way you do that is to type in brave://sync-internals on your desktop. Then once the page loads, you should see Disable Sync (Clear Data). Use that and it should get rid of it.

In iPhone you access same spot by going Settings → Sync → the gear icon on top right → then you’ll see a lot of small print but will look the same as you saw on the desktop. You’ll hit the same thing, if the sync chain still exists. Between the two, should be safe.

Sorry, that part is a bit of a pain, but just telling you to do that on your devices so hopefully your data stays safe.

Maybe is no big deal in the long run, but I prefer to mention the extra protection and concern. Then just up to you what you want to do.

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That said, let me answer your original questions:

Sure you can. Let’s look together how it works. We’ll assume you create a Sync on your desktop and then you’re adding the iPhone. The way you’ll do that is to go to your desktop and open your Sync tab, which is brave://sync/ or just Settings → Sync.

From there, you hit Start a new Sync Chain. If you want QR to scan, tell it you’ll be adding a mobile device. If you want to input words, tell it desktop. Also make sure you check everything you want synced. If everything, make sure to check everything.

Then go to your iPhone and go Settings → Sync

On your iPhone, you’ll initially see the below:

You’ll want to click on I have a Sync Code

By default, it will open for you to scan a QR Code. It will look something like this (picture is part of my desk, lol)

So with the bit below, you’d scan the QR code that you would have showing on the screen of your Desktop. If you didn’t want to do the QR Code, you’ll see the link on the bottom that says Enter code words

If you hit Enter code words, you’ll see the information below. Which, of course, you’d have to type in the 25 phrases provided to you from the desktop.

When it comes to the phrase, the 25th word changes daily. So don’t hold onto it thinking it will serve as a backup.

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Thanks, I did all that and I learned that the camera only works if the device has not synced to anything else.
Now I am still trying to figure out my downloads. They are not even showing up on my downloads page.

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That one I might not be able to answer, but we’ll see what we can try to figure out.

Are you talking downloads on your phone or on your desktop? (I’m assuming desktop since you mentioned drivers, but I try not to make too many assumptions)

Yes, desktop. I am on a Mac-Air. I also just found out that I am unable to upload files on this browser as well. When I click on the upload button, nothing pops up.
May it be a cookie problem?

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