Sync in Brave Android (Beta, Nigthly) dont show name of other devices

In the list of synchronized devices in the syncv2 page, there is a blank label for the other devices in the chain. (not named device).

In Beta and Nightly builds.

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Mine does the same as well

@tman41291, @Dominic
Thank you for reporting! I’ll be sure to let the devs know.

Thanks for reporting!

Assigned an issue to keep tracking .

@tman41291, @Dominic what is the 2nd device type, desktop/Android? Does the device name is displayed correctly on the 2nd device settings?


Android uses nightly
Windows PC uses Beta
Linux uses Beta

Android is the only one that shows as the screenshot. On windows and Linux they display correctly.


That’s right. I use Beta on Windows (at work) and Linux at home. Both show all devices names correctly. Bug only in Android. Tried Beta and Nightly.

About syncv2, there is some settings that are not synchronized on desktop, like larger address bar option, social network integration (enabled by default after installation but disabled in my first synchronized browser…)

But sync2 is what it missed in Brave Browser. Nice job anyways…

Would like to know too if it will be possible to delete device in a chain that can’t be deleted for any reason (for exemple device had to be reseted after a crash or forgot to delete device before uninstall Brave…)

This will be fixed in the next Nightly (1.14.3 and above),


I’m having the same issue with the non-beta/nightly version of Brave on Android.

Thanks… " Fixed Android Sync UI on dark theme"… I’ve not realized that the problem is only in dark version. That’s right, just switched to light mode and names are there !