Sync doesn't work in Brave on Windows

So far synced 5 devices and this would the 6th device. What I’ve tried on other devices and it does work to add one more device. It’s just that it doesn’t work on this specific device, a Windows laptop.
I’ve also just tried the Brave beta version and sync doesn’t work either. Has someone met this issue before?
This is what the behavior looks like.
After entering the sync code, I’ve selected the customized sync, then selected the desired options to sync and nothing happens after.
One thing is also that I don’t see all my actively synced devices.
If I close the settings and then open them again all the option are unselected, like nothing happened before.

@robinhood018 ,

Any chance that you have updated Brave Browser on your Windows OS machine, and tested the issues you stated back in December 2021?

Maybe open a New Window and enter:


in order to see if you notice some clue(s).

Ref. for that: