Sync doesn't work on windows 10 last version

Sync doesn’t work on windows 10!
I turn it on but it gets turned off again immediately after restarting the browser.
I have in the chain other 2 device (linux and android) where the sync works

I have already done the uninstall (and canceled BraveSoftware folder) and reinstall process. Initially it seems to work but after one day I have the same issue

Could you help me?


If you go to Settings --> Sync, do you have the same Sync data type options enabled on all devices?

Additionally, can you share a screen shot of your brave://sync-internals page so I can take a closer look at what’s going on on the backend?

I have tried to select both: sync everything and customize sync, but always after the restart of the browser the selection is empty!

and this is a screen shot of brave://sync-internals:

Is that what the brave://sync-internals page shows after toggling on “sync everything” in the [Windows 10] browser? Or is that what it looks like while everything is toggled “off”?

If so, please toggle everything “on” again, then resend the brave://sync-internals page.

I have rechecked and in both cases the brave://sync-internals show the same.
It looks like the sync settings are not applied. Is there somewhere a save configuration button when you change the sync settings? or is it enough to select the radio buttons?

do you have any update?


How about restarting sync @Mattches @steste? I saw there’s Disable Sync (Clear Data) button available in internals.

I have tried and now it works!!!

Thank you very much!

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