Sync between Linux laptop and Android phones

Is there an instruction page for learning how to Sync. I have been on Brave a few months, I have desktop Brave on Win10, and Linux Mint. Also, I have Brave on three different android phones that I use. I’m in need of a step by step guide to sync between all of these. Or, if it’s simple, advice here. What I need most is the ability to sync without a Master! As I use the phones or the laptop browser. I add passwords and sign in’s from any of the 5 Brave browsers.

There is no Master in Brave sync… the only ‘master’ is the server itself, it is the one that will hold the latest changes and push them to all devices.

The only time you can think about ‘master device’ is the first time you create a sync chain, that first device will give the server the first set of information like passwords and bookmarks, and then all the other devices will get them from it and merge it with their data.

Anyway, it is simple, just create the chain, scan the code (in the case of a phone) and type the 25 words in the desktop devices and done.

You have to select which settings you want to sync, by default I think Brave syncs the bookmarks so you need to select everything you want to send and then the ones you want to receive on each device.
You can sync bookmarks to one device but not to the other while getting passwords.