How does Brave Sync work


I am using Brave on my android device (v.1.5.3) and on my desktop (linux, v.1.7.98) with sync on and both devices are on the chain and bookmark sync is activated.

I am a bit confused on how the sync works. I expect it to just work but it does not sync (both devices have different bookmarks and if I add a bookmark on one device it does not appear on the other device). I tried to find a “sync” or “force sync” button somewhere but I was unable to.

So how does sync work?


Brave Sync has been temporarily disabled.(due to a bug)

I thought it was fixed, no?

I also enabled it:

Mine doesn’t crash btw, it just does nothing.

For anyone having this issue, I seem to have solved it by following the instructions here:

Specifically the " How do I clear out old Sync metadata for if my browser is still crashing?" part.

hmmm, it synchronized once, but I made changes (created folders, moved stuff around, deleted folders and bookmarks, etc) on the desktop and the bookmarks on the phone did not update

So still no sync since the last one.

I installed the latest update and it partially synced! For some reason it did not delete folders that I had deleted and it did not move everything that I had moved around (into new folders).

Ok, so with the latest version, sync seems to work well again, I added a bookmark on my phone and it popped up quickly on my PC. I have not tried merging folders again, nor emptying one, etc.

No, not quite, I tired to delete a folder on the phone and it still shows up on the PC, then I delete it on the PC and it shows up on the phone, etc.

This is actually a pain, all folders I delete come back! The sync doesn’t seem to understand I deleted it and it must see it on another device and it thinks I added it.

It may be worth noting that we are about to stop supporting Brave Sync in it’s current form (v1) and implement a Sync v2:

Sync v2 is already available in Nightly builds and will make its way down the release pipeline shortly.

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