Sync and brave reward login issues

Recently installed brave on a brand new Moto G 84 and am having troubles getting a few things to work. Upon syncing the phone with my chain, it doesn’t seem to import all the passwords, it didn’t bring over my bookmarks, or any other of the info that is supposed to sync (yes, I have sync everything selected in data preferences). Is there a maximum amount of devices that you can sync together? This would be 4 in total after adding the Moto G 84. Please help.

Also, I have tried to connect my uphold wallet to rewards and it won’t finish the process. I get all the way to the part where it wants to send me a confirmation email, which I have received, opened and followed the link, but the process seems to stop there with no indication as to why it won’t finalise the process. Again, please help

@vitamnb if you pay attention, is it opening in Brave or is it going to Uphold app? If it’s opening in the Uphold app, that’s your issue. Everything needs to be 100% in the Brave browser.

If it’s happening in the browser, then what’s happening exactly? Can you share a screenshot of what you see (just making sure no personal information like username//email/password)

On all devices? As silly as it is to ask, this has been an issue before where people had it enabled on one device but not the other.

  • Which version of Brave is on each device?

  • Which OS on them? I mean, is it on Android 13, Android 14, or what?

  • Are your devices on “official” OS? In other words, are you doing anything like a de-googled phone or something of the sort.

  • Can you screenshot the right side of your brave://sync-internals? Well, let me correct myself, as it might appear different on Android. I’m curious of the information you can see in my screenshot below:

And maybe also this part, which is top left on desktop…


Just make sure in screenshots you aren’t sharing things under Identity, such as Client ID or Username.

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